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Role play activity: seller and customer

HELLO, students.

At the end of this course you will be able to negociate and interact with a seller in a supermarket by using the vocabulary and expresions learned in class.

You will also be privided with the necessary knowledege to make conversations in which the second language is.used.To achieve a higher level, you will develop some tasks such as having conversation via skype and also completing dialogues with "how much" and "how many" to talk about prices, measurements and quantities.


Telling the time

Welcome to this unit where you are going to find interesting , funny and great activities that will help you to  improve your English skills working about telling  the  time and different daily activities.

Based on our previous lessons ( Simple Present and Yes/No Questions) its time to work with our next topic " Telling the time"

Enjoy your activities and have fun!!!!!


We hope you enjoy the ride while becoming good academic paper writers!


My community is the unit that we will be working this week. We will learn about what a community is, what types of communities there are, and learn about the people and places that make communities up.

Follow up tasks for guinea pig experiment!!!!!!!!

This series of content and tasks relates to the complimentary session of the eLearning module for the postgraduate course in the Colombo Cartagena